External recruiters without Baumer Login

Please contact us only if you have suitable candidate proposals for a currently open vacancy. General inquiries such as "Do you accept dossiers?" cannot be answered by our colleagues without a specific open vacancy.

I would like to submit candidate proposals for an advertised vacancy:

Step 1: Contact the HR contact listed on the job ad by phone. We discuss the recruitment status of the vacancy and whether there is a need for further dossiers. In addition, we clarify whether the proposed dossiers are suitable for the vacancy in question.

Step 2: If yes, the HR contact creates a login for you and the access data will be sent to you by email.

Step 3: After receiving the login data, the activated vacancies are listed for you in our application tool and you can submit the candidate dossiers. It should be noted that when uploading dossiers you accept our terms and conditions. These can be accessed when uploading the dossier and will not be sent in advance.

Thank you very much for your support. We are looking forward to promising future colleagues!

External recruiters with Baumer Login

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