Apr 4, 2023

Compact analysis sensor PAC50 awarded Product of the Year
PAC 50 Product of the year 2023
The readers of the trade magazine Computer&Automation voted for PAC50 as Product of the Year in the sensor category.

Just a year after the market launch, the compact Baumer analysis sensor PAC50 has won over leading experts. This has been revealed by both readers and users who were requested by the trade journal Computer&Automation to vote for the Product of the Year 2023. PAC50 got the most votes In the sensor category and hence took first place. "Together with our fellow development engineers in Denmark, we are very happy about this special award," says Martin Leupold, Product Manager Process Sensors at Baumer. The new product has been very well received by customers, since the compact dimensions enable space-saving system designs, says Leupold in an interview with Andrea Gillhuber, editor-in-chief of Computer&Automation. "We realize that the space factor is becoming more and more important when deciding for investments. In this context, PAC50 is the ideal solution without compromising on performance," reports Leupold. The new analysis sensor is another flagship product in the broad portfolio.

Baumer sensors are known for high performance in a compact design. This is particularly true for the PAC50 analysis sensor. To keep dimensions down to a minimum, the Baumer designers went to the limits of what is physically feasible. The sensor housing measures a mere 60 millimeters, with a display of only 32x25 millimeters. Thus, the analysis sensor is ideal for small-sized production facilities - particularly in the food and pharmaceutical industries as well as in industrial applications. Its high temperature stability up to 140° Celsius allows for permanent and reliable use even in SIP systems. High-precision measured values and very short response times create the prerequisite for resource-saving operation.

Against this background, it is well understood that the high-performance space wonder PAC50 won against other outstanding competitive products in the sensor category where it has become Product of the Year 2023.

More information at: www.baumer.com/c/308

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