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Quick and easy integration of Baumer cameras with C++, C#, and Python

Baumer neoAPI is the new, powerful, and user-friendly application programming interface (API) for the quick and easy integration of our cameras into your applications using the programming languages C++, C#, and Python – with only a few lines of code, e.g., only six lines for image capturing and storage. This way we also accommodate software developers with limited experience in the area of image processing.

The new API design reduces the lines of code to be written to a minimum thanks to integrated automatisms. This makes evaluation and integration of the cameras more efficient and facilitates subsequent software updates. Giving you more time for other projects.

At the same time, integration in existing programming environments is supported. The integrated auto-complete functions of various IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) can suggest, complete, and offer help not only for code segments but also for the GenICam features of the camera. This supports efficient programming by software developers and replaces searching in various help documents. For Python and C# there are packages available that you can conveniently integrate with the help of the respective package manager.


An overview of the highlights:

  • Easy-to-understand application programming interface (API)
  • Reliable, quick, and efficient programming in C++, C#, and Python
  • Integration into your application with a few lines of code
  • Programming also possible with limited GenICam experience
  • No memorization of different names and attributes for GenICam features thanks to the auto-complete function
  • Integrated documentation offers direct information support in the integrated development environment (IDE) during programming
  • Simple and stable integration in image processing libraries and customer systems

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