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Inductive Factor 1 sensors offer the great benefit of maintaining the same sensing distance towards all metals. This uniform distance offers outstanding flexibility in system conception and sensor installation. However, the benefits of Baumer sensors go even further: They are the fastest in their class in relation to sensing distance and have exceptional sensing latitude.

Your benefits
  • Construction and installation with maximum flexibility
  • Large and constant switching distances on any metal
  • Shorter installation times thanks to minimal adjustment effort
  • Fewer sensor versions because one single sensor is suitable for all applications
  • Detection of stainless steel, aluminum and non-ferrous metals with the same sensing distance
  • Capable of high switching frequencies up to 3 kHz
  • Low production lot variations thanks to default calibration
  • Negligible temperature influence thanks to integrated temperature compensation

Comparison of factor 1 sensors and standard sensors
Inductive sensors with reduction factor 1  – Technology – Inductive sensors with reduction factor 1

Standard sensors face up to 70% reduction of the sensing distance towards non-ferromagnetic metals. Factor 1 sensors integrate a micro-controller for compensation. As a result, factor 1 sensors do not have the drawback of material-dependent reduction of the sensing distance. They feature negligible temperature drift and also stand out by high switching speed which makes them ideal for measurements on aluminum, non-ferrous metals and for rotation speed acquired twoards gear wheels or perforated discs.

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