Your benefits
  • Utmost robustness and long service life
    • Stainless steel housing V4A
    • IP 69K and the proTect+ impermeability concept guarantee 100% impermeability after many temperature cycles
    • Durable laser marking
    • Housing design based on EHEDG
  • Reliable resistance to chemicals and oil
    • High-quality V4A stainless steel housing
    • Proven high chemical resistance – Ecolab tested and LCP front cap
    • FDA compliant materials
  • Heat-resistant and impervious to strong temperature fluctuations
    • Wide application temperature range from -40 °C to 80 °C
    • High cleaning temperature up to 100 °C


Inductive sensors in hygienic design are particularly implemented in processing, storage, packaging, filling and quality control of food and pharmaceutical products.


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