Product portfolio
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Basic Contrast Sensors

  • Plastic housing with PMMA lenses
  • Static teach with LED display 
  • Variants with white light LED
  • Response times < 50 μs
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High perforrmance contrast sensors

  • Metal housing with glass lenses
  • Static and dynamic teach
  • Low-jitter tpen with response times < 10 μs
  • Variants with display and extended functionalities
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M18 contrast sensors

  • Standard M18 stainless steel housing
  • White light LED
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Luminescence sensors

  • Detection of invisible markings
  • Recognition even on transparent foils
  • Short response times 0.34 ms
  • Different spot sizes


  • Print mark detection for controlling printing processes
    • Control of printing processes, register control 
    • Post Press
    • Control of subsequent processes (folding, cutting...)
  • Control of packaging processes
  • Label/label positioning
  • Color verification
    • Confirmation of the correct colour shade
    • Differentiation with similar colours
  • Speed measurement
    • Very fast measurements thanks to high switching frequencies

Technical and Application Reports / White Paper

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