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Analysis sensor detecting air and gas bubbles


  • For hygienic and industrial applications
  • No matter what's the medium texture, from liquid to viscous as fruit concentrate or cooling agents (DK >1,5)
  • Extremely robust design for particularly harsh environments ​
  • Individually adjustable switching outputs with IO-Link (2) to configure switching range or two-stage alarm (early warning)
  • Optional, multicolor process visualization through 360° for different switching statuses
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The solution to a long-standing problem

The smart sensing principle of PAD20H/S will identify any air and gas bubbles in the process medium. Furthermore, the sensor also signals whether a closed system is free of them.

Clever and innovative functions:

  • Media-independent, from liquid to viscous for maximum flexibility
  • Individually configurable switching range with optional early warning upon exceeding the defined switching threshold
  • Convenient evaluation of measured and process values with two separately adjustable switching points (IO-Link)
  • Intuitive and fast commissioning by graphical parameterization software
  • Multicolor, particularly resilient process visualization through 360°

How to use reliable air and gas bubble detection to ...

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