Hollow shafts up to 740 mm



  • Incremental encoders
  • Axial tolerance ±3 mm
  • Radial tolerance up to 2.2 mm
  • Shafts up to ø 740 mm
  • Flexible magnetic ring mounting
  • Offshore variant with DNV-GL approval
  • Power drivers for long-distance cabling 
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Hollow shafts up to 340 mm – ultra-high resolution

Ultra-high resolution


  • Incremental encoder with powerful signal processing
  • Up to 524288 sine periods per revolution
  • Shaft diameters up to 340 mm
  • Axial tolerance ±3 mm
  • Radial tolerance up to 2.2 mm
  • Flexible magnetic ring mounting
  • Power drivers for long-distance cabling
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High-resolution magnetic belt encoder for large shaft diameters – Flexible magnetic belt mounting – for shafts up to 3183 mm  – Incremental – for shafts up to 3183 mm – Quasi-absolute – for large shafts up to 3183 mm – Flexible magnetic belt mounting – for shafts up to 3183 mm


MIR3000F / MQR3000F

  • Incremental encoder with patented magnetic belt technology
  • Shafts up to ø 3185 mm
  • Easy to retrofit
  • High-performance signal processing for outstanding signal quality
  • Axial tolerance ±5 mm
  • Radial tolerance up to 3 mm
  • Up to 131072 ppr 
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Absolute bearingless encoders – Hollow shafts up to 340 mm – high resolution



  • Absolute singleturn encoder
  • High-performance signal processing
  • Up to 524288 ppr
  • Up to 17 bits ST resolution
  • Shafts up to ø 340 mm
  • Interface SSI + HTL / TTL / SinCos
  • Flexible magnetic ring mounting 
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Your benefits
  • Low development and manufacturing costs
    • With flexible shaft diameters up to over 3 m, the encoder adapts to your installation design and not vice versa
  • Excellent speed quality thanks to precise magnetization
    • High-precision magnetic wheels thanks to long-year magnetization expertise
    • Unique signal processing for ultra-high resolving encoders
  • Reliable long-term operation even under extreme conditions
    • Wear-free non-contact magnetic sensing
    • Resistant to dirt
    • Resistant to shocks and vibration
  • Long-term high IP protection
    • The bearingless design allows for high and yet cost-efficient IP protection
    • Even at high speed the encoder is protected against water and dust ingress
    • Improved robustness by electronics being decoupled from moving parts
  • Immune to shaft currents
    • Particularly in rotary encoders installed at powerful electric drives, ball bearings may be damaged by shaft currents
    • The sensor head being decoupled from shaft will solve the problem
  • Compact machine construction
    • Integration flexibility through A- or B-side mount
    • Shallow installation depth thanks to radial sensing


Technological highlights

Magnetic sensing allows for a large gap between sensing unit and material measure (usually a magnetic ring). This allows for positioning separated from each other eliminates the need for the conventionally required precision ball bearings. In parallel, it allows for rather high mounting tolerances. This provides more flexibility in design and installation. As there is no need for bearings, there is no conventional wear and tear either. This way the encoders withstand dust, dirt or textile fibers. They are immune to shaft currents or bearing loads and robust against vibration and shock.

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