Apr 16, 2021

Smallest CANopen rotary encoder for medical technology and mobile automation
The EAM 300 is the smallest absolute multi-turn encoder with CANopen interface on the market, with unparalleled position precision up to ±0.15°.

It is often difficult to integrate the rotary encoder in applications with moving parts and limited installation space. However, precise position measurement in the smallest possible design is essential especially in medical technology or for attachments in mobile automation. This is why Baumer is enhancing its product portfolio of the MAGRES EAM series with the EAM300, the smallest absolute multi-turn encoder with CANopen interface.

The EAM 300 allows more space in machine designs or can be easily retrofitted in existing structures. Its compact diameter is only 30 mm, and its length is also only 59 mm (full shaft, radial) or 53.3 mm (hollow shaft, radial). Numerous variants ensure more design freedom. It is available in all combinations of full or hollow shaft encoder with plug or cable connection as well as axial or radial outgoing unit. 

Similar to the larger variants EAM 360 and EAM 580, it is distinguished by the world’s leading precision of up to ±0.15°, therefore ensuring precise absolute position indication. The magnetic sensing reliably provides signals in rough environments regardless of dust and dirt. Robust ball bearings add stability. It is the smallest absolute multi-turn encoder with CANopen interface on the market. The EAM 300 is recommended for use, for example, in medical technology such as mammography, radiology and X-ray devices, or in accessory equipment in agricultural technology and construction machinery, as well as in factory automation with limited installation space. 

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