Jan 19, 2024

Smart Radar System wins a Silver Medal in Innovation Awards
A new system allows for combine harvesters to maximize throughput. The Baumer radar sensor R600V is the centrepiece of the system that has just been awarded a silver medal in the DLG Innovation Awards.

This is smart farming at its best: A new system allows for combine harvesters to maximize throughput without risking overload and blockages. Centrepiece of this innovative system is the forward-looking radar system by sensor expert Baumer. The new Advanced Feedrate Control system, unveiled at Agritechnica 2023 for Case IH Axial-Flow combines, now has been awarded a Silver Medal in the DLG Innovation Awards. These awards acknowledge outstanding developments that significantly enhance performance, quality, function, safety, environmental impact, and energy consumption. A panel of independent international agriculture experts evaluates the innovations. 

One step ahead thanks to smart radar system

Unlike solutions that adjust machine parameters after the crop has entered the combine, Case IH's Advanced Feedrate Control takes a forward-thinking approach. Utilizing radar sensors positioned on the header, the system scans and evaluates crop density before it enters the machine. The data from the four Baumer radar units provide a precise assessment of crop density, enabling automatic adjustments to key settings, such as forward speed, based on the impending crop volume. This optimizes output while avoiding the risk of blockages and downtime. As a result, the forward-looking feedrate control improves total cost of ownership. Operators can harvest more crop in the same time period than with conventional feedrate control. According to manufacturer Case IH, the proactive Advanced Feedrate Control potentially increases work rates by up to 15-20 % compared to combines equipped with reactive automated feedrate intake. 

Baumer radar sensor R600V allows for versatile outdoor applications

Baumer as a pioneer in sensor technology has succeeded in perfectly adapting the radar technology to the purposes of off-highway machines. These sensors operate in the frequency range from 122 to 123 gigahertz. This allows them – in combination with sophisticated signal processing – to reliably detect the height of the crop as well as the distance to the ground hidden beneath it. This is what is known as a ground & crop sensor. In addition, this frequency allows a compact design with a small opening angle which makes integration into a machines easier. The R600V measures on ground and canopy with distances between 300 and 5000 mm. With its CAN SAE J1939 interface it is suitable for use in agriculture, where it can be used in combine harvesters, tillage equipment, and also to regulate the boom height of agricultural sprayers.

Further information: www.baumer.com/c/42982

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