To reduce detergent waste the CombiLyz® conductivity transmitter measures different media with its fast temperature compensation even during high temperature variance. It sends results to the PLC to set the predefined switching point in order to have a precise phase separation of chemicals and water (CIP steps).

  • Food safety
    Precise dosing of chemicals, EHEDG & 3A.
  • Reduce waste of chemicals
    Precise phase separation due to fast temperature compensation.
  • Long life cycle
    Robust sensor tip, IP67 & IP69K housing, resistant to high temperature up to 140°C, 16 bar pressure proof.
  • Easy to setup
    Touch Screen, PC-based user interface or parameterization via IO-Link Master, version with separated sensor, several immersion lengths to match different pipe diameters, integrated concentration calculator for cleaning agents without parameterization.
  • Good process visualization
    Big display, 360° rotatable, free text programmable.
  • Added value thanks to digital sensor data
    Digital data transmission without loss, simultaneous output of conductivity and concentration values, increased measuring speed by combination of sensor data.
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