Jun 4, 2020

The superior sensors - U500 and UR18 ultrasonic sensors
The U500/UR18 ultrasonic sensors with IO-Link from Baumer are valuable information suppliers and additionally backwards compatible to established control systems.
Ultrasonic sensors are the all-round talents of sensor technology. They are resistant to soiling and allow the reliable detection of objects regardless of the color and surface finish. When it comes to transparent or high-gloss objects in particular, ultrasonic sensors are superior optical sensors. The new product series U500 and UR18 with IO-Link offer even more – as standard, they are far more robust than all comparable sensors on the market. The unique sensor element withstands both extreme mechanical (IP69K) and chemical effects. In addition, their blind range of only 20 millimeters with a sensing distance up to 1000 mm is unmatched in the market. 

Important components for smart concepts in digital factories

Ultrasonic sensors from Baumer with IO-Link interface make a fivefold contribution to digital factories: The customizable pre-processing of signals in the sensor makes them intelligent data suppliers and reduces the control complexity. They also reduce the set-up efforts in highly flexible factories due to their automatic, digital parameterization options. In addition, applications can be handled more reliably because a large number of settings, such as the sonic beam width, are conveniently available in the sensor. The Baumer sensors even provide additional data such as temperature values and much more. They also store process data in histograms that can be made available via the cloud for process optimization. Last, but not least, they have an additional output (dual channel). While parameterization and transfer of the digital data takes place via the IO-Link interface, the process value can be issued independently at the second output in parallel as an analog or binary signal. This way, the sensor can be conveniently integrated in both existing analog as well as digital IO-Link control concepts.

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