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Strain Sensors – DST55R – Robust strain sensor for harsh environment – Long-term tight strain sensor DST55R – Strain sensor

Robust strain sensor for harsh outdoor environment

  • Protection class IP 69K
  • Tested long-term seal in accordance with proTect+
  • C5-M corrosion protection category
  • Fully integrated amplifier electronics
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Industrial strain sensor

Industrial strain sensor

  • Minimized impact on machine structure thanks to low stiffness
  • All integrated amplifier electronics
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  • The clever alternative to force measurement with force sensors 
    • Easily integrated into existing machines and systems
    • Minimal construction required
  • Improved machine capability 
    • Precise measurement and reliable control of process parameters
  • Optimized logistics 
    • One sensor for different machine sizes
  • Saves time during servicing 
    • Easy replacement of sensors during servicing without time-consuming calibration in the machine, thanks to factory strain setting
    • Quicker and easier installation and removal of the sensors


Baumer strain sensors usually consist of a strain body and strain gauges. The strain sensor is screwed to a machine structure with screws. This machine structure deforms under the effect of force and this deformation is picked up by the strain body through friction, so that strains occur on the material surface. This strain is tapped by means of strain gauges applied to the surface of the measuring body. The strain gauges convert the mechanical strain into an electrical resistance change and act as a mechanical-electrical converter. By intelligently connecting the individual strain gages to form a Wheatstone measuring bridge, even the smallest strains can be detected. These strains measured with the aid of the strain gages thus generate a stress change proportional to the strain which can be easily evaluated with the aid of the integrated amplifier electronics.

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