Shock, vibration, heat and dust are ever present at continuous casting platforms. Extremely high humidity during the cooling process is another demanding challenge.

From our long-standing collaboration with drive and plant manufacturers in steelmaking evolve encoders which have proved in this industry-specific adverse conditions by their unrivaled robust design and multi-layer sealing concepts.

Position feedback at ladle turret

For this extremely demanding application Baumer provides the ultra-durable absolute HeavyDuty encoders. The magnetic sensing of the PMG 10 provides signals with the precission of an optical scanning unit, especially at high temperature and adverse ambient conditions. By our non-contact multiturn technology MicroGen they provide high operational safety even under most adverse conditions.

Cutting to length

Absolute encoders reliably acquire throughput speed and length of the slab and supply the accurate measured value for the cut to length. Baumer encoders support all common interfaces and ease integration into control level. 



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