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Cylindrical sensors


  • Industry standard M18 housing
  • Sensor element hermetical sealed with PEEK foil
  • Very small blind range of 20 mm in the 1 m class
  • High protection class of IP 69 and stainless steel housing
  • Ideal for level application
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Cubical sensors


  • Proven slim design
  • Sensor element hermetical sealed with PEEK foil
  • Very small blind range of 20 mm in the 1 m class
  • High protection class of IP 67
  • Compatible to the O500 series
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What makes the ultrasonic sensors so reliable, robust and flexible?

1) The next generation of ultrasonic sensors excels with reliability in any situation due to the integrated setting and filter options via IO-Link interface. The unique combination of the narrowest blind zone on the market combined with the large sensing range provides new freedom in machine construction by simplified design-in.

2) The U500 and UR 18 ultrasonic sensors are more robust than ever and highly cost-efficient. Due to a hermetically sealed sensor element with an extremely robust PEEK foil, the ultrasonic sensor becomes considerably more robust.

3) Thanks to the OneBox design, they are identical in design and size to their optoelectronic pendant, offering the user maximum flexibility in the planning phase or for later retrofitting measures.

Your benefits
  • Highest process reliability and longevity
    • Uniquely robust and resistant sensor thanks to hermetically sealed sensor element with PEEK foil
  • Flexible and application-specific parameterization
    • Various setting options, such as sonic beam width or filter functions, with IO-Link
  • Measurement almost to the sensor surface
    • Extremely short blind range of 20 mm with a range of up to 1000 mm
  • Consistent operation thanks to interference resistance
    • Detection of transparent, high-gloss and multi-color objects with maximum resistance to soiling, water drops or chemical substances such as rinsing and antifreeze agents or isopropyl alcohol
  • Simple and fast commissioning
    • Adjustment of sensor characteristics directly at the sensor via qTeach as well as centrally via IO-Link
  • Industrie 4.0 and IIoT ready
    • Standardized communication interface IO-Link
  • Freedom in plant planning
    • Identical functions and various mounting options in cubic and cylindrical design as well as identical dimensions of the U500 and the optical counterpart O500
  • Hybrid operation - analysis of additional process data parallel to operation
    • Read out process data, e.g. number of parts or temperature values, while the machine is controlled via the switching output

  • Detection of full or empty bottles in the splash zone
  • Detection of pallets with foil packaging thanks to long range
  • Level detection/vibratory feeder monitoring during material feed
  • Detection of wooden trunks in very dusty environments
  • End detection at metal strips with plastic content with only one sensor thanks to wide sensing range
  • Position monitoring of big bag packages in bulk packaging
  • Optimum foil detection thanks to easy, flexible configuration via IO-Link or qTeach



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