Fork sensors

Different light sources with different-sized spots provide maximum detection reliability even for the smallest parts. Fork widths of 20 to 120 mm are available.


Quick and easy initial start-up

  • No alignment of transmitter and receiver necessary

Reliable object detection even under difficult conditions

  • Object recognition regardless of color or surface
  • Laser versions for very small parts in the 1/100 mm range
  • High ambient light immunity
  • Robust metal housing and encapsulated electronics for continuous use in environments subject to vibrations

High system efficiency

  • Detection of fast-moving parts thanks to short response times of up to 0.125 ms
  • High repeat accuracy

Optical fibers and amplifiers

Optical fiber sensors are suitable for particularly narrow and tight installation conditions.


Use in very tight or inaccessible spaces

  • Small, light sensing heads in cylindrical and rectangular shapes
  • Small light spots of 0.1 mm

For particularly adverse environmental conditions – very robust sensors resistant to heat and chemicals

  • PTFE-coated for protection against aggressive media
  • Ambient temperatures of −60 ... +350 °C
  • Robust sheaths made of plastic or metal

Easy installation and start-up

  • Fast adjustment through teach-in function or potentiometer

Inductive proximity switches

The wide Baumer range of inductive sensors is characterized by very small sensors with fully integrated evaluation electronics and large sensing distances. This ensures simple and precise integration.


Highly reliable part detection and easy integration

  • Large sensing distance even with the smallest sensor housing

The ideal sensor solution for all applications

  • Wide portfolio diversity

Reduced false trigger setting when mounted in the vicinity of drives

  • High EMC resistance
  • Reliable signal even in unstable ambient conditions
  • Wide temperature range

Long sensor service life

  • High quality (Swiss made)
  • Encapsulated electronics
  • Low series deviation



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