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Cameras with GigE interface

CX series (VCX.XC cameras)

  • 5 – 24 MP
  • Up to 24 fps 
  • Sony Pregius, Pregius S
  • Cooling pipe integrated in the housing
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Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) cameras

CX series (VCXG.SWIR.XC cameras)

  • 1.3 MP and 71 fps
  • Sony SenSWIR sensor IMX990 with 400-1700 nm
  • GigE Vision for easy integration
  • Recommended for invisible light
  • Dual Use Classification ECCN/AL: 6A003B
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Technical report: Smart cooling for high precision image data

Ultra-precise image acquisition in semiconductor production and in environments with increased temperature require good camera cooling. Which industries and applications particularly benefit and how exactly these benefits look like.

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Very cool

Baumer CX.XC cameras provide excellent images thanks to the cooling pipe for compressed air or liquids integrated in the housing. Thanks to the effective heat dissipation close to the sensor and lens, the thermal pixel drift is offset and images are captured with very low noise, few defect pixels, and a high dynamic range. This allows high-precision measurement and inspection tasks in the µm range to be implemented efficiently. Due to the cooling, these industrial cameras are also the ideal solution for applications with high ambient temperatures. The cameras can be directly used in such applications without additional cooling components – this saves time and costs during system integration.

Your benefits
  • High-precision measurement results without thermal effects on the lens or on the image properties
    • Effective heat dissipation close to the sensor and lens
  • Flexible integration in tight ambient conditions
    • Cooling pipe for liquids or compressed air integrated directly in the housing
  • Simple, cost-effective integration
    • No need for additional cooling components    
  • Precise image analysis with long-term stability
    • Industrial design with a temperature range of up to 65 °C on the housing 
    • Opto-decoupled inputs and outputs with voltage levels of automation technology
  • Recording of image sequences with camera settings that change from one image to the next at maximum sensor speed
    • Standard-compliant sequencer
    • Burst mode and integrated image storage



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