Achieving increased productivity, save energy and input materials such as fertilizer, sprayer chemicals, and improved quality of work results requires ever more assistance functions and autonomy in off-highway equipment.

To reliably advance machine functions, it is key to select the optimum sensor solution. We guide you to the right sensor solution for agriculture application fields like sprayer boom control, combine header control and implement depth. These application fields apply to many different vehicles such as self-propelled sprayers, trailed sprayers, fertilizer spreaders, combine harvesters, forage harvesters, sugar cane harvesters, rice harvesters, tractors, implements such tillage equipment, seeding equipment, and others.

Sensor solution guide

Baumer sensors output the required ground and crop distance to automate the sprayer boom position, implement depth for tillage equipment and combine harvester header height. Further sensors are used to determine media levels for transmissions, hydraulic tanks, solution tanks and even continuous level of grain and seed tanks.

Sensor solutions for applications in agriculture equipment at a glance:

LBFS – Point level measurement

R600V – Ground and crop radar

R600V – Ground and crop radar

U750 – Ultrasonic fill level sensor

CFAK22 – Oil level switch

R600V – Ground and crop radar

CFAK22 – Oil level switch

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Application fields

Sprayer boom height control

Sprayer boom height control is one of the most important and mature automation features in agriculture. Automatically controlling the distance between sprayer nozzles and crop relieves the operator and allows for better equipment utilization and higher speed. The same functionality is desirable for fertilizer spreaders.

Baumer sensors are used to measure distance from the boom to ground and crop, the boom kinematic and boom angles. These sensor outputs taken together allow for a precise and fast control of the sprayer boom.


GIM700DR – Dynamic inclination sensor

UF401V – Ultrasonic distance sensor

EAM500 – Encoder without bearing - absolute

R600V – Ground and crop radar

Combine header height control

Combine are highly specialized and automated machines. During harvesting season many machines run almost continuously. Automating the guidance of the header over the ground relieves the operator and allows for better equipment utilization and higher speeds.

Baumer sensors measure the distance of the combine header to the ground and crop, the angle of the header, and the position of the reel. Together, these sensors enable precise and fast height control of the cutterbar and reel.


R600V – Ground and crop radar

UF401V – Ultrasonic distance measuring sensor

EAM500 – Encoder without bearing – absolute

Implement ground distance

Many important applications in the off-highway industry exhibit tools that interact with the ground. These applications range from asphalt and concrete paving , surface flattening with a blade to soil preparation in agriculture.

Baumer sensors are used for positioning and measure implement angle, and distances, and down-force. Engagement depth of the implement together with angles and down-force employed helps automate the work process and optimize fuel consumption. 


R600V – Ground & crop distance

EB360R – Absolute Kit Encoder

DST55R – Strain sensor

Make a difference for your agriculture equipment

Rising labor cost and skilled operator shortages require a higher level of automation and operator assistance functions to maintain efficiency, productivity and quality of work. Agriculture equipment requires always dependable sensor information and long term reliability for extra uptime.

Experience why you can make a difference realizing these goals for agriculture equipment with Baumer sensors.

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